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А вдруг пригодится когда-нибудь?...

Знаменитая скандальная (т.е., по слухам, вызвавшая скандал) аннотация к "Улитке на склоне" (The snail on the slope / A. Strugatsky, B. Strugatsky; Transl. by A. Myers; Introd. by D.Suvin. - New York: Bantam, 1980. - 244 p. - Англ. яз. - Загл. ориг.: Улитка на склоне.).

"Boris and Arkady Strugatsky, the most famous and successful Russian science fiction writers living today, are now in disfavor with the Soviet government for the bold, outspoken ideas expressed in this novel. In the West, where they are ranked with Dick, Disch and Ellison, they have won a devoted following with such masterworks as _Prisoners of Power_, _Definitely Maybe_, _Far Rainbow_ and _The Second Invasion from Mars_ - works of awesome vision and narrative force".

Правда, предисловие Сувина там куда интереснее - хоть и не скандальное.
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