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Wood type: apple
Length: 11 inches
Core: Kelpie Hair

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Немного о составляющих:

It is an old English custom to drink to the health of the Apple tree with a good glass of cider all in hopes of encouraging the tree to produce a good crop next year. The apple tree symbolizes youth, beauty and innocence. Apple Wood wands are well suited for healing spells, and is an especially good kind of wand as it also helps to focus the energy very well. Apple wood wands tend to choose those who are slightly immature, or have a great youthful sprit. The wands tend to not respond well to those who do not fit it's temperament, and in fact are very unpopular among wand thieves as it tends to ignore the orders of others altogether.
Apple's personality is Motherly

Насчет незрелости глюка - это художественная правда...

Kelpie Hair:

Kelpie hair comes from the mane of a Kelpie, a water demon commonly found in Britton and Ireland, who often takes the shape of a horse. The most famous Kelpie is referred to by Muggles as the Loch Ness monster. Kelpie's are adaptable creatures, and thus the wand is a good core for most types of magic, but especially water magic.

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